About Me

After completing U.S. Coast Guard boot camp in 2014, I was assigned to CGC Finback in Cape May, New Jersey. In 2015, I attended Machinery Technician School and was transferred to a small boat station in St. Ignace, Michigan. I was tasked with a wide range of responsibilities, including the maintenance and repair of our boats, conducting law enforcement duties, and participating in search and rescue missions. During my assignment in Michigan, I found myself earning ribbons frequently. It never made sense to me that I had to purchase an entire new rack just to add a single ribbon.

In 2019, I was determined to create a modular ribbon rack that would offer convenience not only for myself, but for fellow service members as well. During the beginning stages of product research and development, I made a pivotal career decision to transition from MK to AMT. This led me to attend AMT School in North Carolina. Following graduation in 2020, I was transferred to Mobile, Alabama, where I served as an Aviation Maintenance Technician, specializing on C144 aircraft.

In 2021, I continued developing and prototyping my product. After tirelessly refining it, I launched SnapRack in 2022 and received far more attention than I expected. In 2024, my utility patent was approved, and I was able to leave the military and dedicate myself fully to my business. I've completed my goal and created a better ribbon rack for service members, but I'm determined to make SnapRack even more versatile. I am committed to continuously improving my business and providing maximum convenience to those who serve.