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Holds 1-18 Ribbons - Pinned - No Space

Holds 1-18 Ribbons - Pinned - No Space

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SnapRack uses strong magnets to attach ribbon bars to backplates. This allows you to hand-build your ribbon rack to hold 1-18 ribbons without purchasing new racks each time a ribbon is acquired.

It also allows you to center or offset your rack with the two ribbon bar.

SnapRack attaches to your uniform using pins and rubber clasps, keeping it tight against your uniform.

What's included?

1-18 Kit

1 Ribbon Bar - x1
2 Ribbon Bar - x1
3 Ribbon Bar - x6
Magnetic Connector - x6
1 Ribbon Backplate - x1
2 Ribbon Backplate - x1
3 Ribbon Backplate - x1
2 Row Backplate - x1
3 Row Backplate - x1
4 Row Backplate - x1
5 Row Backplate - x1
6 Row Backplate - x1
Rubber Clasp - x4


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